slope safety


Below are the major FIS (International Ski Federation) rules regarding slope safety: 

  • Do not endanger or injure anyone.
  • Adapt your speed and manner of skiing or snowboarding to your personal ability and to the conditions of the terrain.
  • Be careful not to endanger skiers and snowboarders who are ahead of you.
  • Leave enough space when overtaking another skier or snowboarder.
  • Before starting off or making an uphill turn, look up to ensure no-one is coming.
  • Stop only at slope edges or in places with clear visibility.
  • Climb and descend on foot only at the side of the slope.
  • Pay attention to signs and markings.
  • You are duty bound to assist and raise alarm if you see an accident.
  • All witnesses and persons involved in accidents must exchange personal details. 

Kindly have a talk with your children about safety issues on the slopes. The slopes are for skiing and if the children are not skiing, they should not be on them. We do not want the children to cause an accident because they are playing on the slopes, but, equally, we want to try and avoid the children being hurt by skiers and snowboarders who are out of control. Please remind your children to behave in an orderly manner when waiting for lessons to begin or to end. 


Many thanks for your cooperation.